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2020 Spring Bear with Brabant Lake Outfitters

Saskatchewan, Canada 

5 Days Bear hunt includes lodging in a deluxe cabin, all meals and drinks, guided bear hunt with an extremely high success rate. includes trophy fee, pelt and meat handling, fishing trip and of course a whole lot of fun. MSRP $3000



Saskatchewan, Canada

After Harvest you will receive a $600 credit towards your Rug/Mount. Henri D. Giroux, Master Taxidermist & Tanner

MSRP $600

Obsession Bows


The LAWLESS is the wolf among sheep. The bow that cracks the mold of the industry’s standard and redefines what a speed bow is meant to be. The Lawless breaks away from the pack and can’t be tamed, it wrote the book without regards for other’s opinions and we refuse to follow. Outfitted with the All-New OB TRAX Cam System for easy tuning and unparalleled performance. The most shootable speed bow on the market. MSRP $999

Spot Hogg


Light, quiet and easy to use; the FAST EDDIE was designed with the hunter in mind. With silent, click free yardage adjustments, a sleek and trim frame, and both single and Double Pin options, the FAST EDDIE is sure to satisfy the needs of today’s hardcore hunter. MSRP $270

Spot Hogg


Saskatchewan, Canada

The Wiseguy™ incorporates the lightest trigger of any hunting release ever created and with specific features such as adjustable length, fail safe trigger with no trigger travel, rigid body for comfort and speed, and a quick loading jaw that creates a torque free release when using a D-Loop. MSRP $115

Vortex® Optics LRF100 IMPACT® Rangefinder

Put the odds of on target arrow and bullet impacts in your favor with the Impact 850 Laser Rangefinder. Accurately ranges reflective targets to 850 yards, providing critical distance readings hunters and shooters can rely on. Range targets down to 5 yards when things get up close and personal. MSRP $270


Arrow Rest

The Trophy Taker SmackDown Pro Arrow Rest is a limb-driven rest that delivers the quickest shot reaction, fastest arrow clearance and easy tuning with no need for a bow press. The launcher rises to position during the draw cycle, positioning the arrow for the shot at full draw. MSRP $130

Trophy Taker™


Looks meet functionality. Trophy Taker™ has always taken pride on products that not only perform but last. The All-New Trophy Taker™ Arrow Silencer quiver offers a new design that incorporates every feature that a die-hard bowhunter could ever want. With an ultra-lite design, the Arrow Silencer quiver features a Quick-Detach System, Quiet Operation and compatibility like never seen before. Compatible with micro-diameter arrows and a wide-range of broadheads… Every gun has a holster, every bow needs this quiver. MSRP $50

Trophy Taker™ BUZZKILLER PRO Stabilizer

The BuzzKiller Pro features six inches of scientifically designed honeycomb chambering for the ultimate in sound and vibration dampening. Removable 1-ounce counterweights underneath a soft-molded vibration dispersing end cap plus adjustable silicone dampeners that plug into harmonic apertures enable a custom setup. The BuzzKiller Pro is machined from top quality aluminum. MSRP $50

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